Sewing What I Need

I always use the time right after Christmas to consider what I really need to sew. This year, I needed pj's and a new robe. I didn't really enjoy making this robe but I thought it was worth showing since it was such a  pain to make.

The fabric is a very weighty cotton  chenille from my stash. Sewing with it was a pain in the a--! it produced fluff and stuff that settled all over the house, I raced to get it finished so I could vacuum  because I can't stand a mess.

I used V1234 an OOP pattern as my starting point.

 I enlarged the collar and  made the robe floor length.

I used a pretty cotton print as the facings to make it a little less bulky. I didn't really like the collar that way so I cut a strip of the chenille and sewed it as a trim around the collar. Much better, I think.

I added  a favorite pocket of mine , also made out of the cotton print.

I fastened  the tie belt at center back waist  instead of using carriers and also added ties on the inside waist for a secure closing and I was done.

The PJ's are going to have to wait a little while because I'm chomping at the bits to make something fun.

More later from