Cost To Install A Suspended Or Drop Ceiling

Installing suspended or drop ceiling is a popular solution to beautify a room or to give a new look. Moreover, many models are possible depending on the budget of each, depending on the room in which it will be installed and according to the taste of each.

The installation of false ceiling in general

The installation of false ceiling in generalThe installation of false ceiling in general
There are many different types and ceiling models on the market and there are essentially suspended ceiling and stretch ceiling. The suspended ceiling installation, regardless of the selected surface, requires compliance with the same standards. First, the establishment of lines is required. These may be metal or wood.

The lines used to keep the fur, in turn, maintain the plate coatings. Furs or cleats are usually galvanized steel, plastic or wood. For a stretch ceiling, in order to stretch the fabric that constitutes, rails are first fixed around the floor. The rails for a stretch ceiling are often PVC or aluminum.
Thus, apart from the coating, these components mentioned above are within the installation cost of a false ceiling.

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Different ceiling models and prices
Different ceiling models and pricesDifferent ceiling models and pricesFor a suspended ceiling, you can choose the coating paneling from PVC or wood, plasterboard, or metal. As an indication, for PVC ceiling, the price to buy a PVC strip is between 20 and 60 euros per square meter depending on size and quality.

The price of wood paneling, meanwhile, depends on the type of wood: the solid pine paneling is trading from 15 euros per square meter while the oak can cost, purchase, up to 80 euros the square meter.
If it is stretched ceiling, the price depends particularly on the web that are in various finishes. To get an idea if the installation is done by a professional, which is highly recommended, the cost per square meter is from 70 euros, including supplies.

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