Chanel Jacket, Part 2

I meant to do this a few days ago, but my respiratory problems resurfaced with a vengeance.

What I want to talk about and show you are the first steps of the construction process.

My fabric is a wool/silk/cotton blend boucle and those of you who have worked with boucle know that it's a difficult fabric to deal with . Knowing this , I knew I had to interface as well as serge finish each piece as soon as I had finished the cutting out of my jacket.

I used a light,slightly stretchy interfacing and am really happy with the hand it gave the fabric, not too much, not too little.After fusing the interfacing to each piece, I layed the pattern over it to assure that nothing had stretched or shrunk.

I then serged each piece making sure to not cut off more than just the tiniest amount. I checked by placing each pattern piece another time and I transferred all markings to the interfacing.

For a lining I've decided to go with a silk cotton blend. I wanted silk something or other but could not find the right colour. Well I had just the right shade in my stash. I'm a little hesitant because I 'm not positive it's slippery enough but I had to make a decision and it's cut out now.

I'm considering quilting the lining to the jacket but since I want to have this finished for Easter,that may not happen.

After much deliberation, I settled on the fringe and velvet ribbon as my trims. I just could not find anything else that was just right and I think I'm happy with it, at least on the pockets which is the only place I've used it so far.

I applied the pockets by using Sandra Betzina and Ron Collin's tutorial on Power Sewing this week which explained how to apply patch pockets using invisible hand stitching. Talk about an opportune time for them to put this out. I'll give a few details about this method in my next post.

I'll leave you with a peek at what I've accomplished so far.